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Course No Mechnical Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-ME-01 Advanced Gas Turbine Mechanical Maintenance And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-02 Advanced Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Enquire Now
RP-ME-03 Advanced Maintenance Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-04 Advanced Mechanical Seals Course Enquire Now
RP-ME-05 Advanced Pumps Maintenance And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-06 Advanced Pumps, Compressors And Turbine Troubleshooting and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-07 Steam Turbines: Design, Operation And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-08 Advanced Technology Of Pipeline Design, Construction And Mechanical Integrity Enquire Now
RP-ME-09 Advanced Troubleshooting of Rotating Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-10 Advanced Valve Technology: Design, Selection, Installation, Applications, Sizing, Inspection and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-11 Air Conditioning And Refrigerating Technology/td> Enquire Now
RP-ME-12 Alignment And Troubleshooting Of Rotating Machinery Enquire Now
RP-ME-13 Alignment Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-ME-14 Analytical Troubleshooting In Process Machinery And Pressure Vessels Enquire Now
RP-ME-15 Applied Coring and Well Logging for Enhanced Reservoir Characterization Enquire Now
RP-ME-16 Applied Operations Management- Aggregate Planning Enquire Now
RP-ME-17 Basic Operation And Theory Of Steam And Gas Turbines, Co-Generation And Combined Cycle Plants Enquire Now
RP-ME-18 Basic Process Indications and Piping Enquire Now
RP-ME-19 Bearing And Bearing Failure Analysis Enquire Now
RP-ME-20 Shaft Alignment/ Alignment Methods & Applications Enquire Now
RP-ME-21 Bearing Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Failure Analysis Enquire Now
RP-ME-22 Bearing Maintenance & Reliability in Rotating Machine Enquire Now
RP-ME-23 Boiler Operation And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-24 Boiler Operation And Water Treatment Technology Enquire Now
RP-ME-25 Boiler Operations & Control Systems Enquire Now
RP-ME-26 Centrifugal and Reciprocating Gas Compressors Operation, Performance & Troubleshooting Course Enquire Now
RP-ME-27 Centrifugal Gas Compressor Operations Enquire Now
RP-ME-28 Centrifugal Gas Compressor Seal Maintenance (Wet And Dry) Enquire Now
RP-ME-29 Centrifugal Pumps Enquire Now
RP-ME-30 Centrifugal Pumps Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-31 Combustion Techniques in Furnaces, Boilers & Unit Efficiencies Enquire Now
RP-ME-32 Combustion Techniques in Furnaces, Boilers & Unit Efficiencies Enquire Now
RP-ME-33 Compressor & Turbo-expander Operation and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-34 Compressors Design, Selection, Operation And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-35 Compressors Major Inspection And Overhauling Enquire Now
RP-ME-36 Pumps and Compressors Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-37 Control Valves and Actuators Enquire Now
RP-ME-38 Diesel Engine Operation & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-39 Design And Fabrication Of Storage Tanks In Accordance With API 650 Enquire Now
RP-ME-40 Design and Integrity Stress Analysis of Piping Systems and Pipelines Enquire Now
RP-ME-41 Design Ventilation Systems Enquire Now
RP-ME-42 Design, Analysis And Fabrication Of Pressure Vessels Enquire Now
RP-ME-43 Designing and Implementing Monitoring and Evaluating Sysytems Enquire Now
RP-ME-44 Diesel Engine: Designs, Installation, Operations, Troubleshooting And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-45 Dry Gas Seal Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-46 Dynamic Balancing Enquire Now
RP-ME-47 Elevator Maintenance & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-48 Engineering Drawing Codes & Standards Enquire Now
RP-ME-49 Fire Pumps, Design, Selection and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-50 Fasteners Enquire Now
RP-ME-51 Flow Meters Calibration and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-52 Forklift Inspector Certification/ Crane Institute of America Enquire Now
RP-ME-53 Condition Monitoring And Vibration Control Of Machines And Plants Enquire Now
RP-ME-54 Failure Diagnosis Of Rotating Machinery Enquire Now
RP-ME-55 Fans And Blowers: Performance, Measurements And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-56 Flare And Pressure Relief Systems In Process Plant Enquire Now
RP-ME-57 Fundamentals Of Mechanical Maintenance System Enquire Now
RP-ME-58 Fundamentals Of Piping System For Engineers Enquire Now
RP-ME-59 Fundamentals Of Storage Tanks Enquire Now
RP-ME-60 Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics Enquire Now
RP-ME-61 Furnaces Technologies, Operation & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-62 Gas Turbines Technology Enquire Now
RP-ME-63 Gear Boxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Repair Enquire Now
RP-ME-64 High Pressure Equipment Usage Enquire Now
RP-ME-65 HVAC Air System Design Enquire Now
RP-ME-66 Hydraulic Modeling Enquire Now
RP-ME-67 Hydraulics Control Circuit Maintenance & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-68 Identify Select and Install Air Tubes and Fittings Enquire Now
RP-ME-69 Industrial Pressure Safety Valves, Control Valves and Actuators: Types, Applications, Maintenance and Calibration Enquire Now
RP-ME-70 Industrial PSV Valves (Types, Applications, Maintenance and Calibration) Enquire Now
RP-ME-71 International Welding Specialist Enquire Now
RP-ME-72 Maintenance Planning and Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-73 Mechanical Engineering For Non Mechanical Engineers Enquire Now
RP-ME-74 Mechanical Seal and Dry Gas Seal Enquire Now
RP-ME-75 MED (Multi Effect Desalination) Water Desalination Method, Operation, Startup and Trouble Shooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-76 Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Enquire Now
RP-ME-77 Mobile Crane Inspector Certification/Crane Institute of America Enquire Now
RP-ME-78 OSHA Scaffolding Competent Person Enquire Now
RP-ME-79 Overhead Crane Inspector Certification / Crane Institute of America Enquire Now
RP-ME-80 P & IDs, Pipe Sizing, Piping Layouts and Isometrics Enquire Now
RP-ME-81 Pipe Stress Analysis for Consulting Engineers and Plant Engineering and Maintenance Personnel Enquire Now
RP-ME-82 Pipeline Pigging – Technical & Operational Aspects Enquire Now
RP-ME-83 Pipeline Systems: Design, Construction, Maintenance and Repair Enquire Now
RP-ME-84 Maintenance of Process Plant Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-85 Plate Heat Exchangers, Design, Operation & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-86 Positive Displacement Compressors Enquire Now
RP-ME-87 Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps Enquire Now
RP-ME-88 Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-ME-89 Pressure Relief Systems And Relief Valves Enquire Now
RP-ME-90 Pressure Vessels Design Enquire Now
RP-ME-91 Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Techniques Enquire Now
RP-ME-92 Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation Enquire Now
RP-ME-93 Pump Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-94 Pumps (Centrifugal And Positive Displacement Pumps): Selection, Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-95 Pumps and Compressors : Design, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-96 Process Piping Design (ASME B31.3) Enquire Now
RP-ME-97 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving Enquire Now
RP-ME-98 Gas And Air Compressors – Centrifugal And Axial Compressors Enquire Now
RP-ME-99 Gas Compressor & Prime Mover Configuring and Operation Theory Enquire Now
RP-ME-100 Gas Turbine with MK-V Speedtronic Control Enquire Now
RP-ME-101 Gear Boxes And Dynamic Balance Enquire Now
RP-ME-102 Hand Tools And Power Tools Enquire Now
RP-ME-103 Heat Exchangers: Types, Mechanical Design, Specification, Operation, Maintenance, Applications And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-104 Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) Enquire Now
RP-ME-105 Hot Tapping Welding Application, Inspection, Risk Assessment And Control Enquire Now
RP-ME-106 Hydraulic And Pneumatic Maintenance And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-107 Industrial Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Motors And Variable-Speed Drives: Selection, Sizing And Application Enquire Now
RP-ME-108 Interpretation Of Engineering Drawings Enquire Now
RP-ME-109 Machinery Diagnostics and Analysis Enquire Now
RP-ME-110 Machinery Failure Analysis, Troubleshooting and Prevention Enquire Now
RP-ME-111 Machinery Vibration And Predictive Analysis And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-112 Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices: Lowering Life Cycle Cost of Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-113 Maintenance, Testing, and Diagnostics Enquire Now
RP-ME-114 Measuring Tools And Precision Measuring Tools Enquire Now
RP-ME-115 Mechanical Engineering Essentials Enquire Now
RP-ME-116 Reliability Centered Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-117 Mechanical Vibration Causes, Effect, Analysis And Prevention Techniques Enquire Now
RP-ME-118 Metallurgy And Material Selection For Mechanical Engineers Enquire Now
RP-ME-119 Modern Valve Technology Enquire Now
RP-ME-120 Overview Of Pumps And Compressors In Oil And Gas Facilities Enquire Now
RP-ME-121 Piping and Pipeline Design, Maintenance, and Operation Enquire Now
RP-ME-122 Practical Boiler Plant Operation And Management For Engineers And Technicians Enquire Now
RP-ME-123 Practical Hydraulic Systems: Operation And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-124 Practical Pump and Valve Technology Enquire Now
RP-ME-125 Practical Pump Technology: Selection, Operation And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-126 Practical Valve Technology: Selection, Installation, Upgrading, Inspection and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-127 Principles Of Rotating Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-128 Process & Mechanical Engineering Essentials Enquire Now
RP-ME-129 Process Control Valves and Actuators Enquire Now
RP-ME-130 Process Engineering Essentials Enquire Now
RP-ME-131 Rotating Equipment Reliability Optimization & Continuous Improvement Enquire Now
RP-ME-132 Rotating Equipment Vibration And Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-ME-133 Rotating Equipment, Selection, Operation, Maintenance And Inspection Enquire Now
RP-ME-134 Scheduled Oil Sampling Enquire Now
RP-ME-135 Selection and Sizing of Process Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-136 Train The Trainer Mobile Cranes Trainer Certification / Crane Institute of America Enquire Now
RP-ME-137 Train the Trainer Rigger/Signalperson Certification / Crane Institute of America Enquire Now
RP-ME-138 Turbines (Gas/Steam) Enquire Now
RP-ME-139 Turbo Expander And Liquid Expander: Operation, Performance, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ME-140 Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis Enquire Now
RP-ME-141 Utilities Equipment; Steam Generators, Water Treatment And Storage Tanks Enquire Now
RP-ME-142 Valve Maintenance and Repair Enquire Now
RP-ME-143 Valves Fundamentals, Technology Types, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Operation and Applications Enquire Now
RP-ME-144 Valves, Valve Actuators And Valve Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ME-145 Vibration Analysis And Condition Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-ME-146 Vibration Analysis In Process Plants Enquire Now
RP-ME-147 Vibration Analysis Machinery Inspection & Evaluation Level II Enquire Now
RP-ME-148 Vibration Measurement Enquire Now
RP-ME-149 Water System Networking And Pumping Stations Enquire Now
RP-ME-150 Water Hammer in Pipe Lines Enquire Now
RP-ME-151 Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices: Lowering Life Cycle Cost of Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-152 Engineering Planning and Scheduling Enquire Now
RP-ME-153 Gas Turbine troubleshooting and Control Enquire Now
RP-ME-154 Mechanical Engineering Inspection Operation Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-155 Excellence in Maintenance & Reliability Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-156 Machinery Vibration and Conditioning Monitoring for Non Vibration Engineering, Maintenance and Operations Professionals/td> Enquire Now
RP-ME-157 Failure Analysis Methodologies for Mechanical Engineers Enquire Now
RP-ME-158 Pipeline Integrity Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-159 Lifting and Rigging Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ME-160 Advance Heavy Lifting and Transportation Enquire Now
RP-ME-161 Maintenance of Different types of Valves Enquire Now
RP-ME-162 Engineering Design Course Enquire Now
RP-ME-163 Refinery Energy Management Enquire Now
RP-ME-164 Water Hammer in Pipes Enquire Now
Course No Electrical and Instrumentations In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-EI-01 Advanced Circuit Breaker Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-02 Advanced Industrial Process Control & Instrumentation Enquire Now
RP-EI-03 Process Control and Advanced Control Strategies Enquire Now
RP-EI-04 Advanced SCADA and Communications for Water, Electricity and Oil & Gas/ Petrochemical Industries Enquire Now
RP-EI-05 Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Safety Enquire Now
RP-EI-06 Boiler Control And Instrumentation Enquire Now
RP-EI-07 Cables Testing and Fault Location Enquire Now
RP-EI-08 Commissioning, Inspecting, Testing and Maintenance for Low, Medium and High Voltage Electric Power Equipment Enquire Now
RP-EI-09 Tetra Communication Systems VoIP Enquire Now
RP-EI-10 Crude Metering System Enquire Now
RP-EI-11 Designing Security SCADA/DCS/Automation Enquire Now
RP-EI-12 Distribution Network Design and Planning Enquire Now
RP-EI-13 Earthing Systems (Electrical Grounding Systems) Enquire Now
RP-EI-14 Maintenance and Testing of Electrical Network Components Enquire Now
RP-EI-15 Electrical Accident Investigation and System Safety Enquire Now
RP-EI-16 Electrical Engineering Drawings and Design (Learning and Studying) Enquire Now
RP-EI-17 Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineers Enquire Now
RP-EI-18 Electrical Equipment Protection – Advanced Technologies Enquire Now
RP-EI-19 Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies Enquire Now
RP-EI-20 Electrical Installation And Maintenance In Hazardous Locations Enquire Now
RP-EI-21 Electrical Loss Management Enquire Now
RP-EI-22 Electrical Power Measurement, Testing and Calculations Enquire Now
RP-EI-23 Electrical Preventive Maintenance and Best Practice Enquire Now
RP-EI-24 Electrical Safety and Grounding Practices in Electrical Installation Enquire Now
RP-EI-25 Electrical Submersible Pumps – Advanced ESP Design and trouble Shooting Enquire Now
RP-EI-26 Electrical Substations, Transformers & Motor: Design and Safety Requirements Enquire Now
RP-EI-27 Electrical Switchgear Selection and Operation Enquire Now
RP-EI-28 Emergency Diesel Generator Operation & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-29 Excitation System Operation, Maintenance, Alignment, Calibration, Repair and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-EI-30 Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer Enquire Now
RP-EI-31 FPSO/FLNG E&I Design Installation and Operation NEW Enquire Now
RP-EI-32 Generator Excitation Systems: Design, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Performance Analysis, Testing, Tuning, Repair & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-EI-33 H.V. Breaker Repair & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-EI-34 Electrical Installation and Hazardous Area Enquire Now
RP-EI-35 High Voltage Circuit Breakers Enquire Now
RP-EI-36 Hydraulic Control Panel Enquire Now
RP-EI-37 IEEE Standards for Installations & Inspection Procedures of Electrical Wiring Enquire Now
RP-EI-38 Instrument Calibration and Verification Enquire Now
RP-EI-39 Instrument Fieldbus Control Enquire Now
RP-EI-40 Lighting and Small Power Enquire Now
RP-EI-41 Load Forecasting & System Up-Grade Enquire Now
RP-EI-42 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgears): Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair, Troubleshooting And Power Distribution Enquire Now
RP-EI-43 Medium Voltage & High Voltage Switchgear Operations & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-44 Modern Electrical Power Systems Enquire Now
RP-EI-45 Modern Power System Protective Relaying Enquire Now
RP-EI-46 National Electrical Codes (NEC) Enquire Now
RP-EI-47 National Electrical Safety Code Enquire Now
RP-EI-48 NEC and Design of Electrical Installations Enquire Now
RP-EI-49 PLC Based Automation (Sensors, Actuators, Drives, PLC Programming and Engineering) Enquire Now
RP-EI-50 Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Systems, Design, Operation & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-51 Power Factor Correction Enquire Now
RP-EI-52 Power Plant Generator: Operation & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-53 Power Quality Events Detection, Classification and Mitigation Enquire Now
RP-EI-54 Power System Black-Out Enquire Now
RP-EI-55 Power System Dynamics Enquire Now
RP-EI-56 Power System Harmonics, Distribution and Protection Enquire Now
RP-EI-57 Power Transformer Pre-Commissioning Tests Enquire Now
RP-EI-58 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Enquire Now
RP-EI-59 Protection for Busbars Enquire Now
RP-EI-60 Protective Relays Applications And Principles Enquire Now
RP-EI-61 Reactive Power Compensation & Voltage Control Enquire Now
RP-EI-62 Circuit Drawings and Wiring Diagrams Enquire Now
RP-EI-63 Safe Operations & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgears Enquire Now
RP-EI-64 Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shutdown System Enquire Now
RP-EI-65 Selection, Inspection, Maintenance and Trouble shooting of MV,LV VFD for Water Pumping Stations Enquire Now
RP-EI-66 Fundamentals Of Synchronous Machines Training Enquire Now
RP-EI-67 TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears Enquire Now
RP-EI-68 Transformers: Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-EI-69 Transmission Planning and Analysis Enquire Now
RP-EI-70 Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment Enquire Now
RP-EI-71 Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment & Control Circuits Enquire Now
RP-EI-72 Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Protection of AC Electrical Motors & Drives Enquire Now
RP-EI-73 Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and Battery Banks Enquire Now
RP-EI-74 UPS System And Battery Chargers: Construction, Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-EI-75 Variable Speed Motor Drives Enquire Now
RP-EI-76 Water Flow Measurement And Control Techniques Enquire Now
Course No Electronics and Communications In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-EC-01 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Enquire Now
RP-EC-02 Configuring and Testing Smart Field Devices Enquire Now
RP-EC-03 Electronic Records Management (ERM) Training Enquire Now
RP-EC-04 Optical Fiber within Transmission Network Enquire Now
RP-EC-05 Power Electronics, Switch Mode Power Supplies & VSDs Enquire Now
RP-EC-06 Voice Over IP (VoIP) Enquire Now
Course No Oil & Gas and Process Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-OG01 Advanced Gasoline Engine Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems Apply now
RP-OG02 Advanced Laboratory Supervision and Management Apply now
RP-OG03 Advanced Oil and Gas Production Facility Operation Apply now
RP-OG04 Advanced Root Cause Analysis & Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG05 Analytical Chemistry Methods and Instrumental Techniques Apply now
RP-OG06 Artificial Gas Lifting Apply now
RP-OG07 Basic Petroleum Technology Apply now
RP-OG08 Catalyst Selection & Production Optimization Apply now
RP-OG09 Cathodic Protection Principle, Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Apply now
RP-OG010 Certified PHA HAZOP Leader Training Apply now
RP-OG011 Chemical Deposit & Treatment Apply now
RP-OG012 Chemical Engineering Calculations Apply now
RP-OG013 Chemical Engineering for Non-chemical Engineers Training Apply now
RP-OG014 Chemical Handling for Stores and Laboratory Personnel Apply now
RP-OG015 Chemical Laboratory: Operations, Equipments, Instruments, Quality and Safety Apply now
RP-OG016 Co-Extrusion and Plastic Barriers Apply now
RP-OG017 Correlation between Laboratory Results and Refinery Operation Apply now
RP-OG018 Corrosion Awareness Monitoring & Control Apply now
RP-OG019 Corrosion Monitoring The Required Tests and Calculations Apply now
RP-OG020 Crude Oil Storage Management Handling Measurement Loss Apply now
RP-OG021 Custody Measurement & Loss Control for Liquid Petroleum Apply now
RP-OG022 Desalination Technologies, Sizing, Operation and Maintenance Apply now
RP-OG023 Effective Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Apply now
RP-OG024 Flare System Apply now
RP-OG025 Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU) in Refineries Apply now
RP-OG026 Fundamental of Industrial Coatings & Non-Metallic Materials Application in Oil and Gas Industries Apply now
RP-OG027 Gas Chromatography‎ Techniques & Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG028 Gas Dehydration & Booster Station Utilities Apply now
RP-OG029 Gas Plant & Process Apply now
RP-OG030 Gas Sweetening and Clause Reaction Technology Apply now
RP-OG031 Gasoline Engine Diagnosis System Apply now
RP-OG032 Good Laboratory Practice & Uncertainty Measurements Apply now
RP-OG033 High Performance Liquid Chromatography Apply now
RP-OG034 Hydrocarbon Production Operations Apply now
RP-OG035 International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining & Trade Apply now
RP-OG036 Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry Apply now
RP-OG037 Lube Oil System Design & Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG038 Management of Hazardous Chemicals Apply now
RP-OG039 Metallurgy, Corrosion and Prevention of Failure Apply now
RP-OG040 Natural Gas Conditioning & Processing Apply now
RP-OG041 Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Recovery Apply now
RP-OG042 Offshore Structures Engineering Apply now
RP-OG043 Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts & Negotiation Skills Apply now
RP-OG044 Oil & Gas Waste Management (Hazardous and Non Hazardous) Apply now
RP-OG045 Oil Movement, Storage & Gauging in Oil Plant Tanks Apply now
RP-OG046 Onshore and Offshore Facilities Management & Troubleshooting Techniques Apply now
RP-OG047 Operation and Control of Distillation Column Apply now
RP-OG048 Plant Commissioning and Start-up Apply now
RP-OG049 Polymer and Polymerization Technology Apply now
RP-OG050 Principles of Energy Management for Oil &Gas, Petrochemical Industries Apply now
RP-OG051 Process Design for Process Plant Equipment Apply now
RP-OG052 Process Engineering for Non-Process Engineering Professionals Apply now
RP-OG053 Process Plant Otimization and Energy Conservtion Apply now
RP-OG054 Process Plant Start Up after Shutdown-Turnaround Apply now
RP-OG055 Process Plant Start-up and Commissioning Apply now
RP-OG056 Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG057 Process Plant Troubleshooting and Engineering Problem Apply now
RP-OG058 Production Optimization Using System Analysis Apply now
RP-OG059 Root Cause Failure Analysis & Reliability Apply now
RP-OG060 Salt Removal & Plant Start-Up, Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG061 Sewage Treatment Plant & Auxiliary Equipments Apply now
RP-OG062 Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data Apply now
RP-OG063 Subsea Pipelines and Offshores Structures: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Apply now
RP-OG064 Sulfur Recovery and Troubleshooting Apply now
RP-OG065 Technology Of Water Injection Treatment In Oil & Gas Industries Apply now
RP-OG066 The 10-day Oil and Gas MBA Apply now
RP-OG067 The Oil & Gas Business Tour and Workshop Apply now
RP-OG068 Treating & Handling Oily Water (Upstream) Apply now
RP-OG069 Troubleshooting in Chemical Plants Apply now
RP-OG070 Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry Apply now
RP-OG071 Utilities (Water Chemistry, Steam Generation & Boiler Water Treatment Apply now
RP-OG072 Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies Apply now
RP-OG073 Water Hammer in Pipe Lines Apply now
RP-OG074 Water Treatment Utility of Sites and Cooling Generation Apply now
RP-OG075 X-mas Tree Inspection, Maintenance & Pressure Testing Apply now
Course No Automotive Technology In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-AT-01 Automotive Brake, Steering, Suspension and Gearbox Systems Enquire Now
RP-AT-02 EDI in the automotive industry Enquire Now
RP-AT-03 Elaboration of quality assurance documents Enquire Now
RP-AT-04 Flow Management in an industrial environment Enquire Now
RP-AT-05 FMEA facilitation Enquire Now
RP-AT-06 Internal auditor training ISO 9001 Enquire Now
RP-AT-07 Knowledge of the world automotive market Enquire Now
RP-AT-08 Layered Process Audit (LPA) Enquire Now
RP-AT-09 Logistics management in the automotive industry Enquire Now
RP-AT-10 Manage an automotive project Enquire Now
RP-AT-11 Optimization of workstations and improvement of working conditions Enquire Now
RP-AT-12 Purchasing training for automotive OEM and suppliers Enquire Now
RP-AT-13 Setting up a quality wall and associated indicators Enquire Now
RP-AT-14 Transport Management & Planning Enquire Now
RP-AT-15 Troubleshooting Diagnostic & Maintenance of Vehicle Using Automotive Diagnostic Tools Enquire Now
RP-AT-16 Understanding and application of problems solving methods Enquire Now
RP-AT-17 Vehicle Maintenance Management & Inspection Enquire Now
RP-AT-18 Vehicles Technical Checkup / Inspection Enquire Now
RP-AT-19 World-Wide Vehicles Inspection for Road Licensing Enquire Now
RP-AT-20 Automotive Project Management Enquire Now
Course No Industrial In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-IN-01 Asset Integrity Management Enquire Now
RP-IN-02 Bearings and Lubrication Enquire Now
RP-IN-03 Corrosion and Corrosion Control Enquire Now
RP-IN-04 Fundamentals of Flow Measurement Enquire Now
RP-IN-05 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control Enquire Now
RP-IN-06 Spare Parts Management and Inventory Control Enquire Now
RP-IN-07 Fundamentals of Machinery Lubrication Enquire Now
RP-IN-08 Mastering Lubrication Technology Enquire Now
RP-IN-09 Mechanical Seals and Dry Seals Enquire Now
RP-IN-10 Physical Asset Management (PAM) Enquire Now
RP-IN-11 Reciprocating Compressors: Design, Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-IN-12 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Enquire Now
RP-IN-13 Valves: Operations and Applications Enquire Now
Course No Power Generation In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-PG-01 Advance Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting for Power Plants Enquire Now
RP-PG-02 Fossil Plant Abnormal Conditions Enquire Now
RP-PG-03 Fundamentals of Power Plant Performance for Utility engineers Enquire Now
RP-PG-04 Heat rate awareness Enquire Now
RP-PG-05 Combined Cycle Power Plant Performance Enquire Now
RP-PG-06 Combined Cycle Abnormal Conditions Enquire Now
RP-PG-07 Combined Cycle Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-PG-08 Power Plant Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-PG-09 Large Steam Turbine-Generator Operations Enquire Now
RP-PG-10 Simulator-Based Coal-Fired Plant Operations Overview With Boiler Tube Failure Diagnostics Enquire Now
RP-PG-11 Simulator-Based Combined Cycle Plant Operations Enquire Now
RP-PG-12 Simulator-Based Gas-Fired Boiler Plant Operations for Operators Enquire Now
RP-PG-13 Utility Boiler Operations Enquire Now
Course No Aviation In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-AV-01 Aircraft Reliability Improvement & Maintenance Cost Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-AV-02 Ageing Aircraft Maintenance Issues and Resolutions Enquire Now
Course No Rail Road Transport In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-RT-01 Fundamentals of Railroad Bridge Inspection Enquire Now
RP-RT-02 High Speed Rail Engineering Enquire Now
RP-RT-03 High Speed Rail Enquire Now
RP-RT-04 Introduction to Railroad Engineering and Operations Enquire Now
RP-RT-05 Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Management Enquire Now
RP-RT-06 Maintenance and Asset Management – Railways Enquire Now
RP-RT-07 Introduction to Rail Operations Management Enquire Now
RP-RT-08 Railroad Track Construction Project Management Enquire Now
RP-RT-09 Railroad Track Design Enquire Now
RP-RT-10 Railways and Metro: Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Enquire Now
Course No Reliability Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-RE-01 Reliability Engineering Enquire Now
RP-RE-02 Reliability Engineering for Rotating Equipment Enquire Now
RP-RE-03 Reliability Engineering Process facilities and maintenance Enquire Now
RP-RE-04 Risk Management- Managing Life Cycle Risks Enquire Now
RP-RE-05 Risk and Reliability Engineering Enquire Now
Course No Chemical & Process Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-CPE-01 Chemical Engineering For Non Chemical Engineers Enquire Now
RP-CPE-02 Distillation Columns: Design, Operation, Control And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-CPE-03 Gas Sweetening And Sulphur Recovery Enquire Now
RP-CPE-04 Hydrocarbon Process Design And Modeling Enquire Now
RP-CPE-05 Modern Water Desalination Technologies (RO Desalination) Enquire Now
RP-CPE-06 Nanotechnology for Water and Wastewater Treatment Enquire Now
RP-CPE-07 Polymer Science for Engineers Enquire Now
RP-CPE-08 Process Plant Optimization Enquire Now
RP-CPE-09 Process Plant Performance And Efficiency Enquire Now
RP-CPE-10 Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning And Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-CPE-11 Risk Assessment Within Production Operations Enquire Now
RP-CPE-12 Rules Of Thumb For Chemical And Process Engineers Enquire Now
RP-CPE-13 Water Treatment for Refineries and Chemical Plants Enquire Now
Course No Process Technician Operations and Maintenance In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-PT-01 Control Room Operations Enquire Now
RP-PT-02 Crude Oil Storage Tanks Enquire Now
RP-PT-03 Drain Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-04 Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) Enquire Now
RP-PT-05 Fire and Gas System Enquire Now
RP-PT-06 Fire Water Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-07 Flare Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-08 Fuel Gas System Enquire Now
RP-PT-09 Gas Compression and Dehydration System Enquire Now
RP-PT-10 Gas Lift Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-11 Gas Metering System Enquire Now
RP-PT-12 Gas Sweetening Enquire Now
RP-PT-13 Heat Transfer Equipment Enquire Now
RP-PT-14 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system operation Enquire Now
RP-PT-15 Instrument, Utility Air and Nitrogen Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-16 Oil Desalting System Enquire Now
RP-PT-17 Oil Export Systems Operations Enquire Now
RP-PT-18 Oil Fiscal Metering Enquire Now
RP-PT-19 Pigging Process Enquire Now
RP-PT-20 Production and Test Separation Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-21 Safety Shutdown Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-22 Seawater Lift and Circulation System Enquire Now
RP-PT-23 Steam and Condensate System Enquire Now
RP-PT-24 Subsea Wellhead Systems Enquire Now
RP-PT-25 Surface Wellhead System Enquire Now
RP-PT-26 Two Phase Separation Enquire Now
RP-PT-27 Water Treatment and Injection System Enquire Now
RP-PT-28 Water, Oil, and Gas Sampling and Analysis Enquire Now
Course No Electrical Technician Operations and Maintenance In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-ET-01 Earthing Systems (Electrical Grounding Systems) Enquire Now
RP-ET-02 Electrical – Fault Finding and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-ET-03 Electrical Protection Systems and Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ET-04 Electrical Pumps, Motors, and MCC Enquire Now
RP-ET-05 Hazardous Areas Classification and Installation Enquire Now
RP-ET-06 High Voltage Distribution Systems and Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ET-07 Lighting and Small Power Enquire Now
RP-ET-08 Low Voltage Distribution Systems and Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ET-09 Power Generation Systems and Equipment Enquire Now
RP-ET-10 Power Quality and Management Enquire Now
RP-ET-11 Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and Battery Banks Enquire Now
Course No Instrumentation Technician Operations and Maintenance In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-IT-01 Control System Cabling Enquire Now
RP-IT-02 Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Enquire Now
RP-IT-03 Final Control Elements Enquire Now
RP-IT-04 Fire and Gas System Enquire Now
RP-IT-05 Fiscal Metering Enquire Now
RP-IT-06 Hazardous Areas Classification and Installation Enquire Now
RP-IT-07 Hydraulic Control Panel Enquire Now
RP-IT-08 Information Security for Industrial Systems Enquire Now
RP-IT-09 Instrument Calibration and Verification Enquire Now
RP-IT-10 Instrument Fieldbus Control Enquire Now
RP-IT-11 Introduction to Oil Field Surface Facilities Operations with Simulator Enquire Now
RP-IT-12 Process Analyzers Enquire Now
RP-IT-13 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Enquire Now
RP-IT-14 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Enquire Now
RP-IT-15 Subsea Control Systems Enquire Now
RP-IT-16 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Enquire Now
Course No Lean Six Sigma In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-LSS-01 5s Enquire Now
RP-LSS-02 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Enquire Now
RP-LSS-03 ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Refresher Enquire Now
RP-LSS-04 ASQ Introduction to Quality Engineering Enquire Now
RP-LSS-05 Lean Management Certification Training Enquire Now
RP-LSS-06 Integrated Quality Management Enquire Now
RP-LSS-07 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Enquire Now
RP-LSS-08 EFQM: Journey to Excellence (J2E) Enquire Now
RP-LSS-09 EFQM: Leaders for Excellence (L4E) Enquire Now
RP-LSS-10 Improving Productivity through Quality and Cost Reduction Enquire Now
RP-LSS-11 IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) Familiarization Enquire Now
RP-LSS-12 ISO 9001 Enquire Now
RP-LSS-13 ISO 14001 – 2004 Enquire Now
RP-LSS-14 ISO 22000 Enquire Now
RP-LSS-15 OHSAS 18001: 2007 Enquire Now
RP-LSS-16 Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 17025): SOP, Preparation, Documentation And Auditing Enquire Now
RP-LSS-18 Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare Enquire Now
RP-LSS-19 Environmental Management Systems EMS Enquire Now
RP-LSS-20 Process Management: Mapping and Improvement Enquire Now
RP-LSS-21 Quality Awareness Enquire Now
RP-LSS-22 Quality Assurance & Control Enquire Now
RP-LSS-23 Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures Enquire Now
RP-LSS-24 Six Sigma Black Belt Enquire Now
RP-LSS-27 Six Sigma Green Belt Enquire Now
RP-LSS-28 Strategic Quality Management Enquire Now
RP-LSS-29 Total Quality Management (TQM) Enquire Now
Course No Lean Health Care In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-LHC-01 Accident & Incident Investigation Analysis and Reporting Enquire Now
RP-LHC-02 Advanced Driving Skills Course Enquire Now
RP-LHC-03 Advanced Risk & Incident Analysis: Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Enquire Now
RP-LHC-04 Advcanced Fire Fighting Enquire Now
RP-LHC-05 Chemical Handling Awareness Enquire Now
RP-LHC-06 Confined Space Entry and Gas Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-LHC-07 Corporate Environmental Management Enquire Now
RP-LHC-08 Crisis Management and Emergency Response Enquire Now
RP-LHC-09 Drilling Project and Risk Management Enquire Now
RP-LHC-10 Emergency and Crisis Management in the Offshore Oil & Gas Environment Enquire Now
RP-LHC-11 Facilitate Risk Assessment Propose Recos Liaise & Follow Up Enquire Now
RP-LHC-12 Handling Hazardous Materials And Chemicals Enquire Now
RP-LHC-13 Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Enquire Now
RP-LHC-14 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Enquire Now
RP-LHC-15 Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution Enquire Now
RP-LHC-16 Health, Safety and Environment Workshop Enquire Now
RP-LHC-17 How to Be a Leader in Safety and Health Enquire Now
RP-LHC-18 HSE for Front-Line Supervisors in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Enquire Now
RP-LHC-19 HSE in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Enquire Now
RP-LHC-20 Industrial Hygiene Enquire Now
RP-LHC-21 HAZOP Study Management Enquire Now
RP-LHC-22 Management of Noise in the Workplace Enquire Now
RP-LHC-23 General Safety Orientation Guideline for the Oil and Gas Industry Enquire Now
RP-LHC-24 OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Safety & Health Enquire Now
RP-LHC-25 OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards Enquire Now
RP-LHC-26 Risk Assessment within Production Operations Enquire Now
RP-LHC-27 Risk Based Process Safety Management Enquire Now
RP-LHC-28 Safety Compliance & Site Inspection Enquire Now
RP-LHC-29 Ergonomics for Everyone Enquire Now
Course No Non Destructive Testing In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-ND-01 Current Inspection Trends in Fabrication & Plant Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-ND-02 Inspection and Testing Modern Technology Enquire Now
RP-ND-03 Liquid (Dye) Penetrant Testing Method level-I & II Enquire Now
RP-ND-04 Liquid (Dye) Penetrant Testing Method Level-III- Preparatory Course Enquire Now
RP-ND-05 Radiographic Testing Level I and II Preparatory Training Enquire Now
RP-ND-06 Radiographic Testing Level III Preparatory Training Enquire Now
RP-ND-07 Ultrasonic Testing level I Enquire Now
RP-ND-08 Ultrasonic Testing level II Enquire Now
RP-ND-09 Ultrasonic Testing Level III – Preparatory Course Enquire Now
RP-ND-10 Visual Testing Level – I & II Enquire Now
RP-ND-11 Visual Testing Level – III Enquire Now
Course No Maintenance In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-MN-01 Applied Maintenance Management Enquire Now
RP-MN-02 Advance Maintenance Management Enquire Now
RP-MN-03 Advanced Preventive And Predictive Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-04 AIM Strategies PAS 55 and ISO 55000 Enquire Now
RP-MN-05 Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry Enquire Now
RP-MN-06 Bearings And Lubrication Enquire Now
RP-MN-07 Best Practice Maintenance Strategy Development and Effective Cost Implementation Enquire Now
RP-MN-08 Boiler Design, Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-09 Cathodic Protection System in Oil & Gas Exploration Industry Enquire Now
RP-MN-10 Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine Enquire Now
RP-MN-11 Change Management Training Enquire Now
RP-MN-12 Competency Development and Supervisory Excellence for Maintenance & Technical Personnel Enquire Now
RP-MN-13 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Enquire Now
RP-MN-14 Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Enquire Now
RP-MN-15 Condition Monitoring Techniques Enquire Now
RP-MN-16 Control Valves: Selection, Sizing And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-17 Cost Effective Maintenance Management Enquire Now
RP-MN-18 Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques Enquire Now
RP-MN-19 Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance Professionals Enquire Now
RP-MN-20 Economic & Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Maintenance Projects Enquire Now
RP-MN-21 Fiscal Metering Systems Enquire Now
RP-MN-22 FLNG Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-23 Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer Enquire Now
RP-MN-24 FPSO Operation and Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-25 Fundamentals of Asset Management Enquire Now
RP-MN-26 Gas & Liquid Chromatography and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-MN-27 HV Switchgear Enquire Now
RP-MN-28 Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Programmes Enquire Now
RP-MN-29 Introduction To Maintenance skills Enquire Now
RP-MN-30 ISO 17025 & Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for analytical laboratories Enquire Now
RP-MN-31 Life Cycle Costing Enquire Now
RP-MN-32 Machinery Failure, Vibration & Predictive Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-33 Maintenance Auditing and Continuous Improvement Enquire Now
RP-MN-34 Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing Enquire Now
RP-MN-35 Maintenance Errors: Understanding, Identifying and Managing Maintenance Errors Enquire Now
RP-MN-36 Maintenance Management & Technology A to Z of Best Practices Enquire Now
RP-MN-37 Maintenance Management: Developing & Enhancing Maintenance Strategies Enquire Now
RP-MN-38 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control and Execution Enquire Now
RP-MN-39 Spare Parts Management and Inventory Control Enquire Now
RP-MN-40 Managing Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Enquire Now
RP-MN-41 Mastering Lubrication technology Enquire Now
RP-MN-42 Materials Management and Inventory Planning Enquire Now
RP-MN-43 Materials of Construction for Process Equipment & Piping Systems Enquire Now
RP-MN-44 Shaft Alignment Enquire Now
RP-MN-45 Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists Enquire Now
RP-MN-46 Modern Maintenance Technologies Enquire Now
RP-MN-47 Oil and Gas Marine Terminals Enquire Now
RP-MN-48 Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equipment for Oil & Gas Production Enquire Now
RP-MN-49 Building Operational Excellence in the Process Industry Enquire Now
RP-MN-50 Optimizing Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions Enquire Now
RP-MN-51 Petroleum Refining-Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimisation Enquire Now
RP-MN-52 Pipelines: Operation, Maintenance, Inspection & Integrity Assessment Enquire Now
RP-MN-53 Managing Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Enquire Now
RP-MN-54 Plant Maintenance Cost Reduction Strategies Enquire Now
RP-MN-55 Preventive And Predictive Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-56 Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals Enquire Now
RP-MN-57 Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries Enquire Now
RP-MN-58 Reducing Costs through Spares Optimisation and Rationalisation Enquire Now
RP-MN-59 Refinery Process Yield Optimisation Enquire Now
RP-MN-60 Risk Based Strategies for Inspection & Maintenance (RBI & RBM) Enquire Now
RP-MN-61 Risk-Based Asset Management Enquire Now
RP-MN-62 Root Cause Failure Analysis Enquire Now
RP-MN-63 Safety in Process Equipment Design & Operation Enquire Now
RP-MN-64 Service Level Agreements Enquire Now
RP-MN-65 Storage Tank Design, Construction & Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-MN-66 Tank Farm Operations and Performance Enquire Now
RP-MN-67 The Complete Course on Facilities Management: Facilities Management Specialist Enquire Now
RP-MN-68 Troubleshooting For Turbine Steam-Path Damage Enquire Now
RP-MN-69 Troubleshooting Process Operation Enquire Now
RP-MN-70 Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Balancing Enquire Now
RP-MN-71 Writing Effective Maintenance Procedures Enquire Now
Course No API In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-API-01 API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code Enquire Now
RP-API-02 API 570 Piping Inspection Code Enquire Now
RP-API-03 API 579 and ASME PCC-2 : Fitness for Service Assessments and Repair Practices Enquire Now
RP-API-04 API 580 / 581 Risk Based Inspection Enquire Now
RP-API-05 API 650 Coded Design of Welded Steel Tanks For Bulk Storage Enquire Now
RP-API-06 API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Preparation Enquire Now
RP-API-07 API 936: Refractory Inspection Code: Installation, Inspection, Testing & Repair (API Exam Preparation Training) Enquire Now
RP-API-08 API Rotor Repair (Based on API 687) Enquire Now
RP-API-09 API:Demulsifier and Corrosion Inhibitors Chemicals, Selection Criteria and Performance on Offshore and Onshore Facilitates Enquire Now
RP-API-10 API614 Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing and Oil-Control Systems and Auxiliaries Enquire Now
RP-API-11 Piping Code (ASME B 31.3) and Fitness For Service Assessment (API 579) for Plant Piping Enquire Now
Course No ASME In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-ASME-01 ASME B31.4 Liquid Hydrocarbon Transportation Piping Code Enquire Now
RP-ASME-02 ASME B31.8 Gas Transportation Piping Code Enquire Now
RP-ASME-03 ASME Process Piping, Valve, Flanges Classes Selection Specification, Fittings and Layouts Enquire Now
RP-ASME-04 Awareness of ASME Codes (ASME Section I, II, V, VIII & IX Codes) Enquire Now
RP-ASME-05 Coded Pressure Vessel Design (ASME Section VIII Division-1) Enquire Now
RP-ASME-06 International Welding Codes ASME Section IX and Section VIII Enquire Now
RP-ASME-07 Understanding and Application of ASME Section IX (Welding Qualifications) Enquire Now
RP-ASME-08 Understanding ASME B 31.1 – Power Piping Code Enquire Now
RP-ASME-09 Understanding ASME Pressure Vessel Codes Enquire Now
RP-ASME-10 Understanding Codes and Standards Enquire Now
Course No Environmental Management In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-EM-01 Air Pollution Concerning in EIA Process Enquire Now
RP-EM-02 Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Disclosure Enquire Now
RP-EM-03 Contaminated Site Assessment & Remediation Techniques Enquire Now
RP-EM-04 General Environmental Method of Best Available Techniques (BAT) Enquire Now
RP-EM-05 Industrial Waste Management Enquire Now
RP-EM-06 Pollution Controls in the Oil & Gas Industry Enquire Now
RP-EM-07 Industrial & Environmental Waste Management Enquire Now
Course No Production Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-PE-01 Introduction to Production Engineering Enquire Now
RP-PE-02 Acid Stimulation Techniques Enquire Now
RP-PE-03 Advanced Gas Lift Design & Troubleshooting Enquire Now
RP-PE-04 Advanced Nodal Analysis for Production Engineers Enquire Now
RP-PE-05 Advanced Production Data Analysis and Nodal Analysis Enquire Now
RP-PE-06 Advanced Slickline Operations Enquire Now
RP-PE-07 Advanced Well Testing Operations – ELC Enquire Now
RP-PE-08 Applied Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring Enquire Now
RP-PE-09 Artificial Lift Technology Enquire Now
RP-PE-10 Assuring Flow from Pore to Process Enquire Now
RP-PE-11 Basic Production Logging Enquire Now
RP-PE-12 Completions and Production Engineering Enquire Now
RP-PE-13 Design, Diagnosis and Optimization of Gas Lift Systems Enquire Now
RP-PE-14 Electric Submersible Pumps – Advanced Enquire Now
RP-PE-15 Electric Submersible Pumps – Application Engineering – Practical Training Enquire Now
RP-PE-16 Fishing, Perforating and other Slickline Applications Enquire Now
RP-PE-17 Formation Damage and Mitigation Enquire Now
RP-PE-18 Full Life Cycle Fluid Evaluation – Downhole to Laboratory Enquire Now
RP-PE-19 Fundamentals of Slickline Operations Enquire Now
RP-PE-20 Fundamentals of Well Testing Operations – ELC Enquire Now
RP-PE-21 High Gas-Oil Ratio Well Liquid Unloading Enquire Now
RP-PE-22 Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Design and Quality Control Enquire Now
RP-PE-23 Hydraulic Fracturing Enquire Now
RP-PE-24 Integrated Asset Modeler Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-PE-25 Integrated Production and Well Operations Modeling Enquire Now
RP-PE-26 Introduction to Coiled Tubing Operations Enquire Now
RP-PE-27 Completions and Production Engineering Enquire Now
RP-PE-28 Introduction to Flow Assurance Enquire Now
RP-PE-29 Introduction to High Temperature ESP Applications Enquire Now
RP-PE-30 Matrix Stimulation Engineering Enquire Now
RP-PE-31 OFM Administration Enquire Now
RP-PE-32 Unconventional Resources – Shale Gas Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-PE-33 OFM Fundamentals Using Gas Operations Examples Enquire Now
RP-PE-34 OFM Fundamentals Using Oil Production Examples Enquire Now
RP-PE-35 OFM Intermediate Using Oil Operations Examples Enquire Now
RP-PE-36 OFM Reservoir Optimization Enquire Now
RP-PE-37 OFM Waterflood Monitoring and Surveillance Enquire Now
RP-PE-38 Oilfield Water Management Enquire Now
RP-PE-39 OLGA Advanced Flow Assurance Enquire Now
RP-PE-40 OLGA Flow Assurance Enquire Now
RP-PE-41 OLGA Well Dynamics Enquire Now
RP-PE-42 Perforating Enquire Now
RP-PE-43 Petrel Production Data Interpretation and Forecasting Enquire Now
RP-PE-44 PIPESIM Artificial Lift Design and Optimization Enquire Now
RP-PE-45 PIPESIM Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-PE-46 PIPESIM Gas Field Production Operations Enquire Now
RP-PE-47 Practical Hydraulic Fracturing Enquire Now
RP-PE-48 Practical Perforating I: Shaped-Charges, Guns and Operations Enquire Now
RP-PE-49 Practical Well Completions: Downhole Tools and Basic Systems Enquire Now
RP-PE-50 Production Data Analysis – Shale Gas, Tight Gas and Coal-Bed Methane Enquire Now
RP-PE-51 Sand Control Enquire Now
RP-PE-52 Subsurface Surface Production Optimization Enquire Now
RP-PE-53 Sucker Rod Pumps – Application Engineering Enquire Now
RP-PE-54 Well Productivity and Enhancement Enquire Now
RP-PE-55 Workovers and Completions Enquire Now
Course No Inspection Programs In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-IP-01 Corrosion, Metallurgy And Prevention Failures Enquire Now
RP-IP-02 Engineering Aspects Of Welding Enquire Now
Course No Value Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-VE-01 Estimating, Budgeting and Value Engineering Skills Enquire Now
RP-VE-02 Advance Value Engineering Enquire Now
Course No Laboratory & Analyzers Programs In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-LAP-01 Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Enquire Now
RP-LAP-02 Chemical Laboratory: Operations, Equipment, Instruments, Quality And Safety Enquire Now
RP-LAP-03 Gas Chromatography: Fundamentals, Troubleshooting And Method Development Enquire Now
RP-LAP-04 Practical Problem Solving In Chemical Analysis Enquire Now
Course No Gas Turbine In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-GT-01 Gas Turbine Frame 5 And 6 Operation, Maintenance And Inspection Enquire Now
RP-GT-02 Gas Turbine Generator: Operation And Maintenance Enquire Now
RP-GT-03 Gas Turbine Reliability Improvement Enquire Now
RP-GT-04 Gas Turbines: Operation, Technology and Troubleshooting Enquire Now
Course No Drilling Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-DE-01 Advanced Drilling Technology Enquire Now
RP-DE-02 Advanced Remedial Cementing (Russian) Enquire Now
RP-DE-03 Applied Reservoir Management Enquire Now
RP-DE-04 Basic Cementing (Russian) Enquire Now
RP-DE-05 Casing Design Enquire Now
RP-DE-06 Cement Integrity Assurance and Evaluation Enquire Now
RP-DE-07 Cementing Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-08 Deepwater Drilling Design and Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-09 Deepwater Well Project and Risk Management Enquire Now
RP-DE-10 Directional Drilling and Surveying Enquire Now
RP-DE-11 Drill Bits and Hydraulics Enquire Now
RP-DE-12 Inspection Enquire Now
RP-DE-13 Drillbench Blowout Control Enquire Now
RP-DE-14 Drillbench Dynamic Well Control Modeling Enquire Now
RP-DE-15 Drilling and Work-Over Safety Certified by OSHA Enquire Now
RP-DE-16 Drilling Engineering Enquire Now
RP-DE-17 Drilling Fluids Enquire Now
RP-DE-18 Drilling Fluids Technology Enquire Now
RP-DE-19 Drilling Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-20 Drilling Optimization Enquire Now
RP-DE-21 Drilling Problems and Solution Techniques Enquire Now
RP-DE-22 Drilling Project and Risk Management Enquire Now
RP-DE-23 Drillstring Design Enquire Now
RP-DE-24 Dynamic Pressure Drilling Enquire Now
RP-DE-25 Fundamentals of Cementing Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-26 Fundamentals of Petroleum Geomechanics Enquire Now
RP-DE-27 Geomechanics for Drilling Enquire Now
RP-DE-28 Geomechanics of Salt Dome Reservoirs Enquire Now
RP-DE-29 Horizontal, Extended Reach, and Multilateral Drilling Enquire Now
RP-DE-30 HPHT Drilling Design and Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-31 HPHT Well Engineering Enquire Now
RP-DE-32 Introduction to Deepwater Rig Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-33 Introduction to Drilling Enquire Now
RP-DE-34 IWCF Surface Well Control Certification (Supervisors) Level-4 Enquire Now
RP-DE-35 Managing Drilling Operations (with Drilling Simulator) Enquire Now
RP-DE-36 Mud Logging Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-37 Mud Logging: Surface Gas Measurement and Fluid Characterization Enquire Now
RP-DE-38 Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics Enquire Now
RP-DE-39 Petrel Well Design Enquire Now
RP-DE-40 Petrophysics for Drilling Engineers Enquire Now
RP-DE-41 Pore Pressure Prediction Methods Enquire Now
RP-DE-42 Practical Cementing Enquire Now
RP-DE-43 Practical Cementing Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-44 Practical Directional Drilling and Surveying Enquire Now
RP-DE-45 Practical Drillstem Test (DST) Interpretation Enquire Now
RP-DE-46 Reservoir Management Enquire Now
RP-DE-47 Rig Awareness and Familiarization Enquire Now
RP-DE-48 Rig Inspection Enquire Now
RP-DE-49 Stuck Pipe and Fishing Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-50 Subsurface Production Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-51 Techlog for Drilling Performance Analysis Enquire Now
RP-DE-52 Tubing and Casing Design Enquire Now
RP-DE-53 Well Architecture and Drilling in Shale Plays Enquire Now
RP-DE-54 Well Completion and Workover Enquire Now
RP-DE-55 Well Control Enquire Now
RP-DE-56 Well Design and Construction Engineering – Heriot-Watt University Program Enquire Now
RP-DE-57 Well Integrity – Life of a Well Enquire Now
RP-DE-58 Well Placement Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-DE-59 Wellflo Underbalanced Hydraulics Modeling Enquire Now
RP-DE-60 Wellhead Maintenance and Operations Enquire Now
RP-DE-61 X-mas Tree Inspection, Maintenance & Pressure Testing Enquire Now
Course No Geology In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-GE-01 A Strategic Approach to Oil and Gas Exploration Enquire Now
RP-GE-02 Advanced Petroleum Geomechanics Enquire Now
RP-GE-03 Applications of Borehole Imaging to Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production Enquire Now
RP-GE-04 Applied Geostatistics Enquire Now
RP-GE-05 Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis Enquire Now
RP-GE-06 Arid coastline carbonates and evaporites of Abu Dhabi, UAE Enquire Now
RP-GE-07 Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-08 Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Application to Petroleum Reservoirs Enquire Now
RP-GE-09 Characterisation and Petrel* 3-D Modelling of Fluvio-Deltaic Sedimentary Architecture, Upper Carboniferous, East Kentucky Enquire Now
RP-GE-10 Clastic Sedimentology for Exploration and Development Enquire Now
RP-GE-11 “Concepts and Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy to
Petroleum Exploration and Production”
Enquire Now
RP-GE-12 Deepwater Petroleum Systems – Fundamentals and Applications Enquire Now
RP-GE-13 Deepwater Reservoirs Enquire Now
RP-GE-14 Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Exploration and Production Enquire Now
RP-GE-15 Depositional Environments from Slope Aprons to Tropical Reefs – Tabernas & Sorbas Basins, Spain Enquire Now
RP-GE-16 Development Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-17 Economics of Petroleum Exploration Enquire Now
RP-GE-18 Evaluation and Management of Fractured Reservoirs Enquire Now
RP-GE-19 Field Trip: Delta-SlopeTurbidite Deposition and Synsedimentary Deformation: County Clare, Ireland Enquire Now
RP-GE-20 Field Trip: Foreland Basin Syntectonic Sedimentation: Southern Pyrenees, Spain Enquire Now
RP-GE-21 Fluvial and Deltaic Architecture and Advanced Modeling using Petrel – Utah / Colorado, USA Enquire Now
RP-GE-22 Fractured Reservoir Characterisation with Emphasis on Carbonates Enquire Now
RP-GE-23 Geochemistry and Petroleum System Modeling of Conventional and Unconventional Resources Enquire Now
RP-GE-24 GeoFrame Administration Enquire Now
RP-GE-25 GeoFrame CPS-3 Advanced Mapping and Volumetrics Enquire Now
RP-GE-26 GeoFrame CPS-3 Mapping Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-GE-27 GeoFrame Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-GE-28 GeoFrame Geology Office Enquire Now
RP-GE-29 GeoFrame Litho ToolKit Facies Classification Enquire Now
RP-GE-30 Geological Assessment of Reservoir Seals and Pay Enquire Now
RP-GE-31 Geology of Clastic Reservoirs Enquire Now
RP-GE-32 Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling: Standard Approach and Best Practices Enquire Now
RP-GE-33 GeoX Advanced Risk and Resource Assessment Enquire Now
RP-GE-34 GeoX Basic Risk and Resource Assessment Enquire Now
RP-GE-35 GeoX Full Cycle Value Assessment Concepts and Application Enquire Now
RP-GE-36 GeoX Map-Based Play Assessment Concepts and Application Enquire Now
RP-GE-37 GeoX Map-Based Resource Play (Unconventionals) Assessment and Application Enquire Now
RP-GE-38 GeoX Prospect Assessment Concepts and Applications (PACA) Enquire Now
RP-GE-39 GeoX Resource Management Concepts and Application Enquire Now
RP-GE-40 Global Tectonics and Geological Prospecting Tools for Exploration Enquire Now
RP-GE-41 Integrated 3D Reservoir Modeling Workshop Enquire Now
RP-GE-42 Integrated Reservoir Modeling: Interpretation, Evaluation, and Optimization with Petrel Enquire Now
RP-GE-43 Introduction to Biostratigraphy Enquire Now
RP-GE-44 Introduction to Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-45 Introduction to Geology Including Pyrenees Field Trip Enquire Now
RP-GE-46 Introduction to Geology with OilSim Enquire Now
RP-GE-47 Introduction to Geoscience Enquire Now
RP-GE-48 Introduction to Subsurface Mapping Enquire Now
RP-GE-49 Late Palaeozoic-Early Mesozoic Sedimentation in S.W.Province, UK Enquire Now
RP-GE-50 Mapping the Subsurface with Petrel Enquire Now
RP-GE-51 Mud Logging: Surface Gas Measurement and Fluid Characterization Enquire Now
RP-GE-52 Oligo-Miocene carbonate sedimentary models of Malta: analogues for Cenozoic reservoirs worldwide Enquire Now
RP-GE-53 Operations and Wellsite Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-54 Permian basin floor fan systems of Karoo, South Africa Enquire Now
RP-GE-55 Petrel Advanced Property Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-56 Petrel Advanced Wells Enquire Now
RP-GE-57 Petrel Exploration Geology: Integrated Evaluation of Petroleum Systems, Plays and Prospects Enquire Now
RP-GE-58 Petrel Exploration Geology: Integrated Evaluation of Petroleum Systems, Plays and Prospects Enquire Now
RP-GE-59 Petrel Fracture Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-60 Petrel Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-GE-61 Petrel Fundamentals and Petrel Geology Combined Course Enquire Now
RP-GE-62 Petrel Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-63 Petrel Introduction to Structural & Fault Analysis Module (RDR) Enquire Now
RP-GE-64 Petrel Mapping and Geologic Workflows Enquire Now
RP-GE-65 Petrel Multipoint and Conditional Facies Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-66 Petrel Property Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-67 Petrel Structural Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-68 Petrel Velocity Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-69 Petrel Volume based modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-70 Petrel Well Correlation Enquire Now
RP-GE-71 Petrel Well Design Enquire Now
RP-GE-72 Petrel Workflow Editor and Uncertainty Analysis Enquire Now
RP-GE-73 Petroleum Economics, Risk, and Decision Analysis Enquire Now
RP-GE-74 Petroleum Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-75 Petroleum Geoscience – Heriot-Watt University Program Enquire Now
RP-GE-76 Petroleum Systems and Exploration and Development Geochemistry Enquire Now
RP-GE-77 PetroMod Advanced Topics Enquire Now
RP-GE-78 “PetroMod Applied Petroleum Systems Modeling Workflows
(previously PetroMod Calibration Workflows for Petroleum Systems Models)”
Enquire Now
RP-GE-79 PetroMod Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-GE-80 PetroMod Quantification of Uncertainty Analyses in Petroleum Systems Modeling Enquire Now
RP-GE-81 Practical Applied Geostatistics with Petrel Enquire Now
RP-GE-82 Practical Fracture Analysis of Clastic Reservoirs with Petrel – Casper, Wyoming Enquire Now
RP-GE-83 Prospect Evaluation, Risks, and Volumes Enquire Now
RP-GE-84 Reservoir-scale heterogeneity in Upper Miocene Platforms of the Balearic Islands. Enquire Now
RP-GE-85 Satellite Data Processing and Interpretation Enquire Now
RP-GE-86 Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of Deepwater Deposits Enquire Now
RP-GE-87 Seismic Emerging of Subsurface Geology Enquire Now
RP-GE-88 Seismic Velocities and Depth Conversion Enquire Now
RP-GE-89 Sequence Stratigraphy: Principles and Applications Enquire Now
RP-GE-90 Siliciclastic Reservoirs in Fluvial to Shelf Transitions Enquire Now
RP-GE-91 Structural Geology and Tectonics Enquire Now
RP-GE-92 Subsurface Facies Analysis – Integrating Borehole Images & Well Logs with Petrophysical and Seismic Data to Develop Geologic Models Enquire Now
RP-GE-93 Syn-Rift Carbonate Platforms; Miocene-Recent Gulf of Suez Enquire Now
RP-GE-94 Techlog Advanced Analysis Enquire Now
RP-GE-95 Techlog Borehole Image Interpretation Enquire Now
RP-GE-96 Techlog Core Data Enquire Now
RP-GE-97 Techlog for Geologists Enquire Now
RP-GE-98 Techlog Formation Evaluation Enquire Now
RP-GE-99 Techlog Formation Evaluation with Quanti.Elan Enquire Now
RP-GE-100 Techlog Fundamentals Enquire Now
RP-GE-101 Techlog Python Enquire Now
Course No Construction Management In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-CM-01 Advance Techniques in Structural Engineering Enquire Now
RP-CM-02 Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structure Enquire Now
RP-CM-03 Concrete Assessment and Damage Enquire Now
RP-CM-04 Construction Quality Control & Assurance Enquire Now
RP-CM-05 Construction Risk Management Enquire Now
RP-CM-06 Durability of Reinforced Concrete Construction Enquire Now
RP-CM-07 Materials of Construction for Process Equipment & Piping Systems Enquire Now
RP-CM-08 Principles and Practice of Reinforced Concrete Design Enquire Now
RP-CM-09 Resolving Contract Disputes and Avoiding Construction Claims Enquire Now
RP-CM-10 Site Management, Documentation & Contract Close Out Enquire Now
Course No Marine Technology In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-MT-01 Container Terminal Planning and Development Enquire Now
RP-MT-02 Integrated Bridge System Enquire Now
RP-MT-03 ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code) Awareness Enquire Now
RP-MT-04 ISPS Code for Maritime Professionals Enquire Now
RP-MT-05 Maritime Strategies and Solutions Enquire Now
RP-MT-06 Oil and Gas Marine Terminals: Operations, Management and Safety in Accordance with International Standards Enquire Now
RP-MT-07 Port Economics Enquire Now
RP-MT-08 Port Performance Indicators & Analysis Enquire Now
RP-MT-09 Port Reception Facilities Enquire Now
RP-MT-10 Port Traffic Control Systems, Procedures and GMDSS Enquire Now
RP-MT-11 Port/Terminal Productivity and Performance Enquire Now
RP-MT-12 Shipping Management Enquire Now
RP-MT-13 Ships & Marine Ports Management Enquire Now
RP-MT-14 Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) & Vessel Traffic Management Information Services (VTMIS) Enquire Now
Course No Energy & Power Engineering In-House / Venue / Web-Based
RP-EPE-01  Energy Efficient Houses and Renewable Energies Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Hybrid-Electric Vehicle – Power Electronics & Electric Machines Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01  Energy Efficiency in Power Generation and Refrigeration Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Dynamics and Stability of Power Systems Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Turbomachinery Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Competency in Hazardous Areas and Intrinsic Safety for Engineers and Technicians Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01  Introduction to ISO 50001 Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01  Theory of Smart Electric Power Systems Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01  Wind Power Project Development Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Practical Boiler Control and Instrumentation for Engineers and Technicians Enquire Now
RP-EPE-01 Power Systems Reliability Models Enquire Now